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May 26

Treatment for problems with the sacro-iliac joint

Treatment for problems with the sacro-iliac joint

Many people have problems with their sacro-iliac joint. This is the joint that connects the sacrum (tail bone) to the pelvis (commonly referred to as the hips). When this joint is sprained, even mildly, it will produce pain with walking, standing and climbing stairs. There are many treatment methods to help this condition. I like to use several treatment types, to provide the best results as quickly as possible.

There is a method of using blocks or wedges to support the body in the correct position to let the sacro-iliac (SI) joint gently move back into its position of function. I may also use the Thompson table, with its drop sections that allow me to gently move the joint into its proper alignment. This adjustment often will provide instant relief, yet the inflammation created by the sprain/strain of the joint will still take time to heal.

There are other gentle treatment methods available as well. I may suggest wearing a trochanter belt that is like a back brace but it is worn across the lower end of the SI joint to hold it together. The SI joint is like a V, so this belt will support the bottom part of the V to allow the transfer of the upper body weight to shift across the joint so it can be carried down through the legs to the ground. Many people have found this a great help during the beginning phase of rehabilitating this joint.

So, if you have pain in the low back that is worse when standing, walking or climbing up or down stairs, then you need to come in for an evaluation so we can determine if this is the problem, and these treatments are the solution. I look forward to helping you feel better and return to your regular daily activities.

Dr. Dennis


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